Stock Art Store open at!

Dear Readers,
First of all, welcome to the new year 2016!

Besides my work as a web-designer I have lots of contacts over at Deviant Art and various other boards and forums. Those contacts allowed me to build a whole library of fantasy artworks together with skilled, relieable and affordable artists from all over the world.

To earn a bit extra (its not a big business and im not earning a fortune from it) – I offer the artworks as Stock Art with a personal and commercial license included.

The license is limited, so you can use the art in your own projects but you may not re-sell or re-bundle them.

Compared to unique, commissioned artworks, the price range is very social and follows a discount strategy (as most of the art is used in my own projects anyway) – between 0,99 to 4,95 to 9,99 or 25 USD per piece of artwork.

You can find all my artworks at – see the following link: