Aliens vs. Predator CCG – Template Redesign

Aliens vs. Predator CCG – Template Redesign

This one is several years old (i think its from 2003) and resembles my skill-grade back at that time. This template makes use of copyrighted artwork from an Aliens vs. Predator movie poster and of course uses the IP from the Aliens movie saga (so better do not copy it or anything). Sadly I have no higher resolution available as the old files are gone forever.

The design was created entirely in OmniGraffle on a Mac, using nothing more but two different textures generated Genetica by Spiralgraphics and one image from an Aliens movie poster. You can see the purple texture in the foreground as well as a black/grey texture in the background of the card.

The rest are just simple layout elements, not my best work – but not bad either. I like it for it’s simplicity – the design still carries a lot of atmosphere and is readable even at smaller sizes. This one was planned to replace all card templates in the (outdated and obsolete) Aliens vs. Predator CCG. Like many other projects, this one was never finished.

Total time: ca. 2 hours.
Note: Aliens, Aliens vs. Predator are copyrighted IP’s.

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