Caramel (Unity MMORPG) – June Teaser

Caramel (Unity MMORPG) – June Teaser

It’s hot outside and we are busy as hell!

This is just a little update to inform our readers that work on the Caramel engine (a unity based MMORPG engine) continues at a steady pace. We finished almost all of the core system lately, covering lots of tiny bits and pieces that are required to bring the functionality for a multiplayer online rpg to the game.

Our team greatly expanded the original feature set and increased the amount of code to have as many of the typical MMORPG features available right at the beginning. Furthermore we started adding content in form of the first hundred items, 4 starting classes and a lot of other things like crafting recipes and more. We now continue working on monsters and class skill-trees as well as professions and a little beginners area.

Finally, we decided for a really simple and blocky Toon art style (ala Minecraft) for our first game. We also agreed to switch to a more serious and WoW inspired toon style in a later version of our game.

Thats all for now, we keep you posted!

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