Cartoon CCG Card Template Design

Cartoon CCG Card Template Design

Just a simple template design for yet another random project (Online CCG). The base images are stock art from shutterstock (alltogether ca. 0,33 US-Cent with a pro account). The tools used are Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop and a Mac Layout Program called Omni-Graffle.

Removed all decorations, fonts and icons, removed outer border as well. Adjusted color and contrast, divided template into layers, aligned all templates and added a black outline border. 6 possible color variations to represent the most common elements found in cards games plus one card back.

New icons, card data, mock-up game logo and decals work in progress.

The overall style is as close as possible to Skylanders Battlecast, inspired by Hearthstone as well. So the design is suitable for kids

Total time ca. 30 minutes.

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