CGE eMail Templates

CGE eMail Templates

Several finishing touches have been applied to the registration and login process. The whole system is far from being perfect, but i think it is OK for now (as i would like to move on to other parts of the engine).

A open-source plugin was added to handle the email part, as the built in mail function of PHP simply cannot handle that in a relieable way. I have also added a responsive email template that seems to function with most email clients available out there. The various confirmation emails are generated using the engines template system as well and can styled and translated into other languages if that should be required at a later point.

Finally, I added a bit of automation to the activation process as users do not have to enter their name and activation code by hand anymore. This is especially useful on mobile where copy-pasting numbers is not so easy. All the user has to do now is to click the link in the activation email and then click the button on the website that shows up (i could fully automatize the process later on as well).

Thats all for today, Im now finally moving on to other parts of the engine. More info on that soon!

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