CGE Equipment System

CGE Equipment System

Welcome to another post explaining the core systems in CGE step by step. Today we take a look at the Equipment System – a pretty straightforward little subsystem that players will use throughout the whole game. Basically, this system covers equipping and un-equipping weapons, armor and trinkets of all kinds to/from one of his/her characters.

At first, we take a look at a very early version of the “Character Info Screen” where you can study your characters main-stats, sub-stats, profession, skills and of course the equipment. We see a total of nine equipment slots here, but the engine supports virtually unlimited slots. Each slot is linked to a body part and specific items can only be equipped to specific slots.

In order to equip a Item, you must select it from your Item Inventory. This Inventory can be accessed from the main menu on the bottom of the screen. Right now, its only possible to equip items from the Inventory screen, not the character screen – but I might add that option a bit later, as it adds a lot of convenience and is not that much work.

As you can see on the screen below, not all Items an be quipped. Some Items can only be used (this functionality will be explained in a later post in detail). The equip-able items also feature a class restriction and cannot be wielded/worn by every character in the game. Once you click on the equip button (the Head on the far right), another popup window opens that shows the characters in your collection who are able to equip the item.

It should be noted that not only the character class restricts if an item can be worn/wielded, but also a few other aspects: Characters who are dead or currently busy (on a Mission or doing a Task) cannot equip/un-equip items as well! This means you have to carefully decide when to equip your characters, as you cannot swap out items while your heroes are fighting a dragon.

(Excuse this rather simple looking popup window, a proper reskin is planned in the future)

Once you click on a characters portrait, the chosen item is immediately equipped and the popup closes again. Please note that at this point, you are not asked a second time (like: Do you really want to equip this item?) as this seems rather obsolete. Nothing can go wrong when equipping an item, so there is no reason to add another verification. Starting a Mission on the other hand, or selling an item requires confirmation, because you can click the option once by mistake.

In general, I try to maintain a steady “2-click philosophy” throughout the whole game. So every action a player wants to perform, can be accomplished with just two clicks. Thats just one extra click to prevent accidental mistakes, but still as few clicks as possible to make UI interactions as fast and convenient as possible.

Back to our equip description: We used the first click in order to open the popup window and select the target character with the second click. Easy, error-resistant and fast.

To complete our systems walkthrough, I equipped a total of three items to the character and switched from the Inventory Screen to the Character Detail Screen. As you can see in the image above, we now see all three items equipped at their corresponding slots – as expected.

If you now want to un-equip one of these items again, you simply click on it and confirm the action. This time another popup shows up, asking for confirmation – in order to maintain our 2-click philosophy.

Now thats it already! A very basic system but every RPG out there relies heavily on it and CGE is no exception to that rule. Next time we will take a closer look at the Character Stats and of course the Equipment Stats – because thats the whole reason why we equip/un-equip items all the time.

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