CGE Registration & Login

CGE Registration & Login

A small update showing a vital part of the CGE engine: Registration and Login. As you can see in the movie below, I concentrate on technical aspects instead of graphical representation. I still have to do some work on account activation and password reset (the movie uses auto account registration), but the basic system works. The first couple of blog-posts will be more on the technical/theory side, while later entries will focus more on gameplay and content.

There is in fact a lot more going on in the background in terms of sanity checks and validations. The technical side of the system currently covers:

  • UTF-8 encoded forms with input patterns and input limitations
  • Forms contain hidden security keys that prevent multiple submit or cross-site-submit
  • All inputs are validated both client and server side
  • The login/registration modal popups make it a bit more difficult for bots, as the forms are not part of the DOM as long as they are not visible. (Better than adding input fields directly to the login page for example).
  • Both usernames and emails are unique (no duplicates allowed)
  • All text inputs are limited to certain characters (a-z, 0-9 and a few special characters) in order to prevent problems with foreign languages and special characters
  • If account activation is deactivated (like in the example above), users are logged in automatically after registration
  • Users cannot login into the same account twice and there is a short timeout after logging out before a user can log in again.
  • The example above uses both a template and a language system that allows to reskin and translate all layout elements and texts.

In addition you can see a few visual gimmicks that will be used throughout the project:

  • Modal popup windows with show/hide animation
  • iOS style Toasts (those black text/icon boxes that fade)
  • A simple spinning loader that shows up when a page takes longer than milliseconds to process

And thats it for today – Stay tuned for another update soon!

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