CGE Small Steps

CGE Small Steps

Did not have that much time the week and during the upcoming one I will be quite busy with other tasks as well. But, the CGE codebase is progressing at a slow but albeit steady pace.

The screenshots below show the current state of the project, which is still a very early one. I have not put any effort on the layout yet, instead the focus is still on the code and core gameplay mechanics. What you cannot see is that most on-screen elements can be exchanged, altered and otherwise modified. That means, it would be quite easy to replace the whole art-style, the design, names, numbers or language variables – in order to turn this into a sci-fi based game or any other kind of genre.

If you take a close look, you can already spot a few of the underlying game mechanics and systems that are fully implemented.

The screens show the game on an iPad tablet computer in horizontal position, and yes – it will be a very casual gaming experience. Read: 5 minutes before work, another 5 min’s during lunch break, another 5 minutes after work and maybe 10-15 minutes in the evening. Thats how CGE games are played!

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