CGE Task System

CGE Task System

Today I would like to shed some light one of the various game systems: The Task System. As mentioned in one of the previous posts, Tasks represent Jobs your Characters can perform while not on a Quest. Tasks provide Players with a hazard-free way of earning gold, experience, resources and items. It is always a good idea to let some of your Characters work, while there is nothing else to do or no Team available to go on a Quest with.

Please note that the following screenshots are work in progress, Im currently busy getting all the code done. So there was no effort put into the design/representation and there are barely any animations yet.

Tasks are available at a special building – the Job Center. Players must construct it first in order for Tasks to become available. You can also upgrade the Job Center to unlock more and more diverse Tasks. The screen below shows that there is currently only one Task available: “Alchemist”. We also see that the Task takes 1 minute to complete and costs 5 Energy (a Resource) to start (Please excuse the missing icon on the left, as said before – not much work has been put into the art yet).

After you click on the bag icon to the right, a popup window opens that shows all available Characters. Available Characters must be alive, not on a Quest, not involved in another Task and they must have the right Profession in order to attend the Task. In our case, we only have one Character available that fulfills all requirements: A level 2 Wizard (not at full health/mana as you can see on the bars below the portrait).

Once we click on the “cash register” icon to the right, another popup window opens that asks us if we want to start this task now (ignore the white background for now, wip!). At this point, we can still cancel the whole action without losing resources or locking the character.

When we now click the checkmark button, the Task is started, Resources are deducted, the Character is locked onto the Task, all popup windows close and we get forwarded to the task overview screen. On this screen, we see all our tasks currently in progress – just one in our case. We can also see the remaining duration, which character is assigned to the Task as well as a Cancel button if we want to Cancel the Task. Cancelling might be necessary if we require the character for another activity, but we will also lose the Resources that where paid in order to start the Task.

After the timer ticks down, the Task is considered finished but the Character stays locked in. We then need to click the new collect icon to the right in order to complete the task.

When doing so, the Task is finally complete: The character is unlocked again and you gain resources, experience and items from it. The character can now be assigned to another Task or Quest and of course the loot you might find is helpful in order to progress in the game as well.

(Please note that the experience gained is not yet displayed in the screenshot above)

Tasks (like all PVE and PVP activities in the game) can be completed with varying success. The worst thing that can happen is a “Failure” (0 Stars) and from there it goes up to an “Awesome” success (3 Stars). The amount of resources and experience you gain, as well as the amount and quality of loot you find is directly equivalent to both: the difficulty of the Task and the quality of success.

Please note that Tasks are always completed with at least 1-Star, so there is never a “Failure” when finishing a Task. In addition, your Character never gets wounded through a Task. Thats a major difference from Quests and makes Tasks risk-less.

In order to increase your success level (like 2 or 3 stars), your characters Profession level must be quite high compared to the difficulty of the Task. As you gain Profession experience through Tasks, your characters will improve continuously and you will receive better rewards sooner or later.

The system is tested and stable, but I still need to fix some glitches, add some (visual) finishing touches and display the amount of experience gained (both character experience as well as profession experience).

All in all, the Task system is the first ingame system that is now ready and it’s by far the easiest one as well. Based on-top of this system, there will be many more PVE and PVP systems later that become gradually more complex. But they all follow the same formula: Assign one or more Characters, pay entrance fee, let the timer tick down, net your rewards, lick your wounds (if any). Return home, rinse, repeat.

Thats all for today’s news regarding CGE – my humble browser-based Casual Game Engine!

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