CGE Team System

CGE Team System

Before we start looking into the Missions (the most common ingame System), we should put the spotlight on a few other, important systems found in CGE. Todays blog post will deal with the “Team System”. As explained in one of the earlier posts, all players are encouraged to gather and foster a collection of game characters. From those characters, each player will be able to form up to 10 teams (or “Parties” if you want) in order to attend the various Missions found in the game.

As always: The design is still work in progress!

In the top left corner of the character overview (shown above), we find a button that brings us to the “Team Editor”.  That Team Editor (shown below) allows you to edit up to ten different teams with up to 4 characters each (the final number might vary, as I could easily imagine bigger teams of up to six characters as well). As you can see on the image below, all teams are still empty – so we decide to click on one of the buttons to the right, that lets us edit that specific team.

Clicking that button forwards us to the Team Detail screen where we can add and remove team members from our collection of game characters. As you can see below, the team I clicked on is still empty and shows that “0/4 characters” are locked to it right now.

Of course we click the “Add Character” button (those Heads with a + sign) to bring up another popup window that shows us all available characters on your game account. Only “active” characters are shown, that compromises “alive” characters who are not currently locked onto another team, working or on a mission. This means you cannot assign dead characters or swap out team characters in the middle of a mission. The selection screen features less information about each character and looks a bit different than the one used to choose Tasks (as explained in my last post). Thats because there can be a whole lot of characters during the endgame that you can choose from.

After choosing one of the characters, it is added to the team. The popup closes and you can now see that the Team Detail Screen has been updated to reflect the current changes. In addition, a few more options now become available – like removing that character from the team again or making this character the “Team Leader”.

We now fill the team with the other two characters we have remaining. We could also add a final (fourth) one, but we don’t have enough characters available. So we just leave this team with 3 characters, although that means it might be a bit underpowered.

Also note that I clicked on the “Set Team Leader” button (the “Crown”) to make the “Warrior” the Leader of the team. This also changes the button to the right of this character to a “Unset Team Leader” button (“Crown” with an “x”) in case we want to cancel that decision again. You could also click on any other Crown button to make another member the active Team Leader, the rest is adjusted automatically.

Setting a Leader will be important later on, as there are special “Leader Skills” that are only active when the character is the leader of your team. As each team can only have one leader, you have to decide wisely which one to choose for leading your team.

The final image above shows that I returned to the “Team Editor” screen and that the first position is now filled with the portraits of the characters we have chosen. In addition, little icons inside the portraits show us who is the leader and that this character is currently part of a team (which might be useful in other places as it is always good to know if a character is already locked to a team or not).

Note that we cannot fill another team, as we don’t have enough free characters available now. That should change once we finished enough Missions to earn us some gold in order to hire new Characters from the local Tavern!

Thanks for following the development of CGE, next up is a post about another system, the “Equipment System”.

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