DiceDuelz – Template Design

DiceDuelz – Template Design

Two example templates designed for a fictive collectible and expandable dice combat game (DiceDuelz). Colorful cartoon templates inspired by Pokemon and other games. Basically each player fields 1-3 monsters and they battle each other until one player is declared the winner. Uses custom dice to control almost every game mechanic but also custom cards to represent the monsters.

In total there are 6 different colors to cover the most common elements found in many games (only 2 shown here). The cards have been designed at 300dpi print resolution and all components come in high-res quality as well. Cutting line implemented right into the images to fit most common card printers and printing services.

This design is rather complicated and one of my more advanced templates:

Uses several stock art images from various sources (each about 0,33 USD with a pro and/or flatrate account). All stock art components have been altered to the extreme. Used my favorite toolset (Photoshop, Illustrator and OmniGraffle).

The amount of effects, layers and different layout widgets used covers about 3 dozens of components. It is too much to explain the entire process here, so just enjoy the overall design.

Total time: ca. 10 hours.

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