Orcs – Card Art Pack

Orcs – Card Art Pack

A set of 5+X hand drawn high quality fantasy artworks. Perfectly suited for card games (CCG, TCG) and RPGs. Use as card art, title screens, splash screens, portraits, avatars or decoration.

  • Images 1024×1024 pixel minimum (PNG24).
  • 5+X artworks drawn by a professional artist.
  • Extra artworks added with each update.
  • All artworks feature a background.
  • Commercial (non-exclusive) license included.

Images included in this pack:

  1. Orc Scout
  2. Orc Warrior
  3. Orc Heavy Axe Warrior
  4. Orc Wolf Cavalry
  5. Orc Archer
  6. Extra: Magical Artefact Orcish Shield

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