Fayra – free card game

Fayra – free card game

Fayra is a fun and free card game I designed in early 2016. This game is actually finished, but I removed the download due to low/no interest (just drop me a line if you want a copy). This game is suited for kids as well as grown ups, it is fast paced and very much like Quartett with a few similarities to Go Fish!

The design is ultra-slim and ultra-simple, with elements from stock art sites (As I’m used to state my costs here: about 10 US-Dollars). All cards have been designed in 300dpi and are printable at home or at a professional printing company.

The main difference between Quartett and Fayra is that each card also features a special ability. This spices up gameplay quite a bit.

I stopped designing complete, free board games after this one. Mainly because it is not possible to make them available to a wider audience as a indie dev (unless you spend enormous amounts of time, energy and last but not least money). In addition it is not possible to market them without spending a fortune (Either I do design OR market, but not both). This might sound depressing, but im actually happy about it – it helped me to stop wasting precious time developing something that absolutely no one is interested in. Still, I enjoyed creating this little gem very much and we enjoyed playing it over and over again at the Artist Café.

It was also very important to me, to actually finish a project. This includes rules, design, rules-writing, play-testing and distribution (whatever that means and regardless of how successful you are). There are several finished projects in my portfolio, but the amount of unfinished ones outweighs them by thousands 🙂

Total production time (including playtesting with my girlfriend and blind testing with several people from all over the internet): ca. 100 hours.

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