Full Metal Planet – Logo

Full Metal Planet – Logo

A logo for another computer game project that has never seen the light of day. At this point I have to add that it might seem like I never finish projects. But, one should now that the projects I have in mind are just too big for a single person. In addition, I perceive projects from another point of view: To me it’s the initial idea and the design that matters, not finishing the whole thing. It would take 10 years for one person to finish this project for example:

Full Metal Planet was planned to be a browser based computer game of base building, exploration, resource extraction and conquering other players bases. As my programming skills are below par (or so I am told quite frequently), the whole thing was trashed and I focus on designs instead.

The idea of full metal planet originates from Full Metal Planete, an age old board game that even had a spin-off for the Amiga back in the days.

The logo in the background is from a stock art source (a few US-cents as usual). The rest is just fancy fonts, font styles, layers, and tons of effects applied.

A funny side-note: The outer bullet holes are just that, bullet holes. but the ones on the metal logo are actually coffee stains with some clever effects applied to them.

Completion time: about 3 hours.

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